Dinnerparty 10 May 2018

Thursday 10 May 2018 – 19.30 hrs – EMSOS Party – The Maritime Museum

The Amsterdam maritime museum building dates from 1656, it was designed by Daniël Stalpaert and at the time it was an architecture wonder. To construct it on the artificial island created in the Amsterdam harbor, 1800 wooden piles had to be sunk deep into the muddy ground. It is here, that the war ships of the Dutch Republic were equipped. During the recent renovation, a vast space of the building inner courtyard has been covered by a glass roofing, creating a pleasant space for the visitors. In the evening hundred of tiny LED lights placed between shields of glass give an impression of the starry sky.

This evening will be one to remember:

A special venue – A three course dinner – A dinner show with “Mindfuck” Victor Mids – An afterparty like only the Dutch can prepare….. with live music, beer and bitterballs.